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King’s Business Club (KBC) is a non-profit Christian Evangelical Organisation. We are based in Gravesend, Kent, in the UK and serve the local area. Our members represent the many Christian denominations in the area and attend the local churches. Our mission is spreading the good news of Jesus Christ, by volunteering services in the community, supporting those in distress and with ill-health, and connecting the mind of people to the life-changing truth of Jesus.

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Are you a Christian, and you’re looking for a place you’ll be able to make an eternal difference in the lives of people by helping them see how much God loves them?

Find out more about our Christianity Training Courses?

Faith Exploravi Course - King's Business Club, faith course, Gravesend, Kent, UK

Faith Exploravi

Faith Exploravi is a special online faith exploration course for those who would like to explore what Christian faith is all about.

Discipleship Academy Training Course by King's Business Club, Gravesend, Kent, UK

GOFAR Discipleship Academy

The GOFAR Discipleship Academy Training Course is an online training course that provides you with all the necessary basics and elementaries of Christian faith that you need to build on the foundation you have received as a new follower of our Lord Jesus Christ.

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We are all in search for purpose, meaning and a reason for living. Despite all our efforts, we still feel empty and unfulfilled. This is because there is a spiritual vacuum in every one of us, an emptiness deep within our souls which neither possessions nor wealth can fill. Unfortunately, no amount of achievements and success can satisfy this emptiness…

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