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Journey So Far

On 14th October 2017, three people gathered together believing God is calling them to start a club that will be purely evangelistic in its operations. A comprehensive presentation about the vision and mission content was presented with a PowerPoint, and it was great to see the vision experienced a warm welcome. What prompted the idea is a burning desire not only to see the Good News propagated but also to see how we can accomplish this great commission in a different style that has a potential to create an open door especially in the civilised culture.
So, with very little idea about how to execute this, but with faith in God, we started to build a platform, ranging from logo and website development to writing of gospel leaflets. By the end of the same year, none of us could believe how things had moved so quickly under God. Then, we had our logo and website along with about three gospel leaflets.
On 24th June 2018, we had our first general meeting with five members and a member of the board of Trustees in attendance. It was a meeting that provided all the members a chance to interact and to know themselves better. A comprehensive presentation using PowerPoint was made to update everyone on how far we had moved. With a great sense of satisfaction and gratitude to God, we decided to launch the club officially, dedicating all our gospel materials and equipment, gearing up to step out with this ever-glorious message of gospel of our Lord Jesus Christ.
On 28th July 2018, we launched out on the New Road of Gravesend town centre in Kent County UK with our stand and gazebo engaging people in the street with the message of Good News. It was a very successful outreach and the number of new visitors we noticed on our website at the end of that day was a confirmation to that.

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