It was a Battle of France during the WWII. By the second week of May 1940, the French defence had been broken by German panzer forces, and a great military disaster threatened the British army that was being encircled by the German troops. The only port from which the British army could be evacuated was Dunkirk in the north of France. It was a critical moment, so much so, that the British Prime Minister Winston Churchill could not have found any more perfect word to describe the great danger that loomed over the British army when he called it ‘a colossal military disaster’. His Majesty King George VI requested that Sunday, the 26th of May be observed as a National Day of Prayer. The King and all the members of the Cabinet attended Westminster Abbey, and millions of people in all parts of British Empire flocked to the churches to join in prayer. The response of the people to the call to prayer was remarkable. The Abbey was crowded, and long queues of people who could not get in were photographed. The King and the people cried to God in prayer and heaven responded. After the prayers, miraculous events began to happen. First, out of nowhere, Hitler suddenly overruled his generals and halted the advance of his armoured column at the very point when they could have proceeded to annihilate the British army. Secondly, on the 28th of May, a storm broke over Flanders grounding the German Luftwaffe squadrons. This allowed the British army formations to move on foot to the coast which was about eight-twelve miles from Dunkirk without any interruption from aircraft which were unable to operate due to the storm. Thirdly, there was an unusual, extraordinary calm over the English Channel during the days which followed, making it possible for the British army to be evacuated by a fleet of over 800 boats. By the eighth day, over 338,226 British soldiers had been rescued. What a miraculous intervention! There was an overwhelming witness that this could not have been anything other than the hands of God. Winston Churchill called their rescue as a ‘miracle of deliverance’. On the 9th of June, a Day of National Thanksgiving was called. This has been named the miracle of Dunkirk attesting to the undeniable proof of God’s power to deliver when we call on Jesus.

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