King's Business Club evangelical organisation, Gravesend, Kent, UK

About King’s Business Club

King’s Business Club (KBC) is a non-profit Christian Evangelical Organisation. We are based in Gravesend in the UK and serve the local area. Our members represent the many Christian denominations in the area and attend the local churches.

Spreading the Word of Jesus Christ

The mission of King’s Business Club is spreading the Good News of Christ.
Our evangelical organisation creates a platform that brings together believers from different denominational backgrounds. We engage with people, build friendships and participate in the activities of our local community.
Furthermore, we discuss with people how they may to turn their lives to Jesus Christ.

Outreaches and Street Christian Evangelism

Every Saturday our members participate in Street Evangelism and Outreaches. We talk to the public in the street, door to door, at bus stops and in hospitals. As wells as these activities, our members also carry out visitations and outreaches at local nursing and care homes​​​​.

The Most Critical Business of God

Finally, it is our firm belief that the gospel is the most critical business of God on Earth. The business we are promoting gives everyone the opportunity to explore the Christian faith and get to know the love of God. Our goal is to present and explain the Good News as clearly and as effective as required to connect the mind of people to the message.

a word from our founder - King's Business Club, Gravesend, Kent, UK

“It’s just barely a year since we started King’s Business Club, and with every passing day when we look back; we are filled with the awesomeness of God’s faithfulness regarding how He is moving the vision forward. The concept is purely evangelistic. It is a vision of Great Commission of our Lord Jesus Christ. We believe this is the very heartbeat of God, and every genuine follower of Jesus has been called to it. So, if you’re a believer, and you’re looking for a place to make an eternal difference by winning souls to the kingdom, then King’s Business Club is the place you have been waiting for.”

Gabriel Folorunso (Co-ordinator)

Our Vision

To see people from all backgrounds come to know the life-changing truth of Jesus Christ. And to turn their lives to him and experience salvation.​

Kings Business Club - A Christian Evangelical Organisation in Gravesend in Kent
Kings Business Club - A Christian Evangelical Organisation in Gravesend in Kent

Our Mission

To create a platform that breaks every denominational barrier where men and women where passionate Christian Evangelism can spread the Good News message. Our members engage with people in every way possible to share gospel leaflets and presenting the gospel clearly and unhindered by the power of the Holy Spirit.

Our Values

  • Genuine love for God and humanity
  • Living faith that results in acts service to those around us
  • Endurance that can stand all tests of time
  • Self-sacrifice and courage to face all challenges posed to the spreading of the Good News.
Kings Business Club - A Christian Evangelical Organisation in Gravesend in Kent

Online Christianity Courses

Faith Exploration Course by King's Business Club, Kent, Gravesend

Faith Exploravi Course

Faith Exploravi is a special online faith exploration course for those who would like to explore what Christian faith is all about. A lot of people in our world today have so many questions about life issues for which they are searching for answers, and they find it extremely difficult to see God in the picture.

Evangelism and Discipleship - King's Business Club, Kent, Gravesend

GOFAR Discipleship Academy Training Course

The GOFAR Discipleship is an online training course that provides you with all the necessary basics and elementaries of Christian faith that you need to build as a new follower of our Lord Jesus Christ.