Events at King's Business Club, evangelism, Gravesend, Kent, UK

Activities and Events

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Weekly Activities

Outreaches and Street Evangelism

Every Saturday members of King’s Business Club proclaim the word of Jesus Christ though outreach activities and street evangelism.
We talk to members of the public in the street, door to door, at bus stops and in hospitals.

Special Events

  • Annual workshops
  • Prayer retreats and conferences
  • ​Film shows for the local residents
  • Launching of new branch of KBC
  • Club Annual Dinner

Graduation Events

Graduation and handover dinners are held for the new converts who have completed our GOFAR discipleship academy training course. During the event, prayers are read out for the benefit of the new converts before they meet the invited ministers from particular church of their choice.

Monthly Events

Our monthly events provide an opportunity for members of the club to engage in social and spiritual activities and interactions at various levels. It will be time to pray and intercede earnestly for all souls.

Training Events

Regular training in every aspect of life sharpens skills and bring out the best and guarantees excellent performance and outcome.