Faith Exploravi Faith Exploration Course by King's Business Club, Gravesend, Kent, UK
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Faith Exploravi

A Faith Exploration Course

Resourced by King’s Business Club

Faith Exploravi is a special online faith exploration course for those who would like to explore what Christian faith is all about. A lot of people in our world today, in their innocence, have so many mind-boggling questions about life issues for which they are searching for answers, and they find it extremely difficult to see God in the picture.

This exploring faith course is born out of genuine care and love of God to identify and engage with people that may be going through situations and ordeals that have left them with a lot of doubts and misconceptions and making them raise questions about God’s love and His existence.

Exploring the profound spiritual truths

Our Faith Exploravi course explores the profound spiritual truths as revealed in the Bible and to answer those fundamental questions. The course runs for 8 weeks and involves a thorough exploration of Biblical facts that we hope will provoke soul-searching and a deep understanding that will help the participants to make decision to give Jesus a chance.

During the course, the participants will have an opportunity to choose if they want to be attached to a mentor who will be able to provide support and counsel where you may have questions and doubts. Your personalised account will include a blog that will provide a platform for more in-depth engagement regarding issues and prayers you would like to raise and discuss with your mentor.

Course Modules:

  • How it All Started
  • In the Beginning
  • The Root Cause
  • The Call
  • The Law & the Grace
  • The Cross
  • Faith, not Religion
  • The Decision

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