Get involved with King's Business Club, evangelism, Gravesend, Kent, UK

Get involved in our evangelistic organisation

We are a Christian Evangelistic Organisation

How can I get involved?

You can get involved with King’s Business Club and the work we do by joining in the activities. Get in touch with us to find out more.

Our Activities

Members of King’s Business Club activity participate in where we meet and engage with people on the street, make friends and share the message of the Good News of Jesus. We try to provide support and care to those who are homeless. Additionally, our members care for the elderly and those who are unwell in nursing homes, hospices, and hospitals. Visits also include prisons, where we provide those who are locked away from society with hope and support.

Would you like to become a member

What’s like?

King’s Business Club welcomes every Christian regardless of their faith background. Our members represent different Christian denominations in the area. As a member, the club will provide you with the support and the opportunity to develop your evangelistic gift. We are working hard to build a platform for a wide range of activities listed below. Each member can sign up to any particular activity of choice depending on their gifts and skills.