As a Christian Evangelist Orangisation, our membership is open to all Christians from any denomination. We welcome anyone who has had an experience of genuine repentance and commitment to follow Jesus Christ, irrespective of their background, experiences and race, but whose lives and testimonies uphold the complete tenets of the Bible, and who have genuine desire to spread the gospel of Jesus.

I am an old member

An old members by our own standard of operation will be someone who has been full integrated and actively participating in one role or the others for a period time not less than three months.

He or she is already enjoying the benefits of sharing the gospel in the team, posting gospel messages on our site, sharing his or her thoughts and participating in decision-making of the club.

I am an new member

Once again, we welcome all our new member to this great club. We’d like to reassure you that you’ve made the right decision for coming to KBC and together we will make an eternal impact through God. However new member will need to fill the provided questionnaire to determine their level of operational involvement.

Becoming a member

Are you already thinking of becoming a member of KBC? We’re really glad that you’re giving your thought to such a noble idea. Becoming an active partner with God in obedience to his word is indeed a noble thing to do. KBC is just a platform of God’s grace providing you and I the opportunities to fulfil the great commission.