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King’s Business Club periodically write articles called “good news messages” which are in depth studies of a variety of subjects concerning Christianity. These articles are certainly worth reading and thinking about afterwards.
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Have You Considered Eternal Life Insurance? - King's Business Club, Gravesend, Kent, UK

Have You Considered Eternal Life Insurance?

People paid billions of pounds and dollars yearly to insure their home, their health, cars, even pets, and of course, more importantly, to protect against their loved ones in case of sudden death, which is called the life insurance or life cover. The insurance policy holders must work hard to be able to continue to service these policies…

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Is it just by religion?

Religion or being religious means different things to different people. Cultures and people hold varied and sometimes opposing views when it comes to religious issues. It is puzzling that rather than a peace-loving society emerging from the ethical convictions which most religions claim to have; religions have caused more trouble and left people more confused.

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Paid in Full - King's Business Club, Gravesend, Kent, UK

Paid In full

In Greek and Roman empires, when a debtor was incapable of settling an unpaid debt, they, along with their family, could become debt slaves. They were forced to work for the creditor for an uncertain length of time, in some cases, for years and years…

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The Greatest Decision - King's Business Club, Gravesend, Kent, UK

The Greatest Decision

We are all in search for purpose, meaning and a reason for living. Despite all our efforts, we still feel empty and unfulfilled. This is because there is a spiritual vacuum in every one of us, an emptiness deep within our souls which neither possessions nor wealth can fill. Unfortunately, no amount of achievements and success can satisfy this emptiness…

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The Big Question

Ever noticed hazard signs when you drive along the road, walk along an industrial site, visit a hospital, go to the beach or take your children to an amusement park? In fact, everywhere you turn, you’re likely to see one warning sign or the other…

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Do You Want to Know The Undeniable Proofs - King's Business Club, Gravesend, Kent, UK

The Undeniable Proofs

There will always be mysteries about life that are beyond human understanding but that do not negate the existence of realities that appear hidden. For the fact that you cannot see the radio waves physically with your naked eyes does not mean it does not exist…

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