At King's Business Club in Gravesend, we are engaged in a number of activities, including street evangelism, prison outreach, the exploration of faith, discipleship, supporting the homeless, and nursing home evangelism. Get in touch with us to discuss your options.


Street evangelism is open to members of King’s Business Club. We meet and engage with members of the public on the street, at bus stations, in the town centres, and by going door-to-door. We build friendly rapport with individuals and groups that sets in robust conversation in which people can air their views about the Christian faith.


Prison evangelism involves visiting and offering support to prisoners. This is open to members of King’s Business Club who would like to show Christ’s love to people in prison, and provide them with hope and support.



Faith Exploravi is a special online faith exploration course for those who would like to explore what Christian faith is all about. 


This exploring faith course is born out of genuine care and love of God to identify and engage with people who may be going through situations and ordeals that have left them with a lot of doubts and misconceptions thereby making them ask questions about God’s love and His existence.

Our Faith Exploravi course explores the profound spiritual truths as revealed in the Bible and helps answer those fundamental questions. The course runs for 8 weeks and involves a thorough exploration of Biblical facts that we hope will provoke soul-searching and a deep understanding that will help the participants to make the decision to give Jesus a chance.

During the course, as a participant you will have an opportunity to choose if you want to be attached to a mentor who will be able to provide support and counsel where you may have questions and doubts. Your personalised account will include a blog that will provide a platform for more in-depth engagement regarding issues and prayers you would like to raise and discuss with your mentor.


Course modules:


  • How It All Started

  • In The Beginning

  • The Root Cause

  • The Call

  • The Law And The Grace

  • The Cross

  • Faith, Not Religion

  • The Decision

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GOFAR discipleship is an online training course that provides you with all the necessary basics and elements of the Christian faith that you need to build as a new follower of our Lord Jesus Christ.

Main features
The training course for discipleship is divided into two parts. Parts 1 and 2 contain six chapters each. Each chapter has its own module.

How to complete the course

It is recommended you cover one chapter per week and answer the attached module. There are twelve chapters, which means that the course will run through twelve weeks. We have equally provided the daily readings and reflections to help you consolidate well on your weekly chapter. Therefore we expect you to go through them side-by-side.

King’s Business Club completely resource the discipleship training course and the book titled ‘Building on the Foundation’ has been used.

After you register

After registering, you will receive a pack containing a copy of ‘Building on the Foundation’ and other useful materials to help you get the best from the course.

You will also be attached to a mentor who will be one of the club members. He or she will be there to assist and prayerfully support you all through the course, and to answer any questions you may have.

A very useful course!

We do sincerely hope and trust God that you will find this course very useful and edifying as you seek to grow in your Christian faith and the new relationship with God.

Once again thank you very much for choosing GOFAR Discipleship Academy (GDA), and God bless you.


Visiting and supporting the homeless is open to members of King’s Business Club who want to work among the homeless and provide them with support and care. We are working alongside a few of the homeless support organisations.


Nursing home evangelism involves members of King’s Business Club visiting residential care and nursing homes. We volunteer services and support and tenderly care for the elderly. We also support and care for those with ill-health in hospitals and those terminally ill in hospices.


Contact King's Business Club in Gravesend to discuss how you can help us, or how we can help you!